We engage in field-building activities with a wide range of partners as well as technical assistance to our portfolio partners and other organizations.

The Linked Foundation believes that in order to maximize our impact, in addition to providing direct funding, we can play a critical role in strengthening the women’s health sector as a whole. By sponsoring research and events in the field, serving as a connector and providing technical assistance in our areas of expertise, we catalyze investment and more informed decision-making to improve women’s health and economic self-reliance.


Linked Foundation has worked with several partners to generate important research and content that serves to drive and improve decision-making and investment in the areas we have supported over time.

Rural Pharmacy Models

Women’s Health



Sponsored events

Linked Foundation seeks to support knowledge sharing and collaboration among funders, investors and entrepreneurs by sponsoring and providing thought leadership at various conferences and events, including the following:


Recommended Resources

In addition to the research we have supported, Linked Foundation recommends the following resources to learn more about the areas in which we work.

Women’s Health

Gender Lens Investing