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Year End Reflections 2016

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.” ― Leo Buscaglia Every year as the holiday season begins to permeate…

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A Firsthand Look into Mexico’s Health Social Enterprise Landscape

While other sectors like microfinance have been on the radar of impact investors and market-minded philanthropists for over a decade, health social enterprises are generally a newer player to the scene. But the last few years have seen huge advances for these market-based health solutions globally, including in Latin America – particularly in Brazil, Colombia…

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Social Enterprises are Disrupting Health Care and Chronic Disease in Latin America

Earlier this month Linked Foundation Executive Director Nancy Swanson and I had the opportunity to attend Innovations in Healthcare’s 5th annual forum in Washington D.C. Healthcare innovators and investors from around the globe came to “connect, collaborate and learn” as they work to build sustainable solutions to health challenges. Private sector health solutions are rapidly growing, even in Latin…

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Happy Birthday Sir Fleming

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Sir Alexander Fleming in 1881. If you’re scratching your head trying to remember why that name sounds familiar, let us help you out. Sir Fleming discovered penicillin – he’s the father of antibiotics. His life-saving discovery has saved millions of lives, and Linked Foundation is dedicated to…

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Proud to Support Fonkoze’s Boutik Sante Initiative

We are delighted to announce our recent grant to Fonkoze’s Boutik Sante initiative.  Boutik Sante means “community health store” and is using a social franchise model to provide affordable, accessible health products and services across rural Haiti.  We have committed $50,000 toward Fonkoze’s $400,000 goal to match the generous matching grant offered by Grand Challenges…

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BOSI Mexico Rural Pharmacy Pilot: Making the most of data to design for success

  Last month, the Linked Foundation and Mercy Corps Guatemala teams visited the first three rural pharmacies in Puebla, Mexico that are part of the Boticas Simiares (BOSI) pilot program led by Farmacias Simiares. As Nancy described, it was incredible to see what has been accomplished in just a few months. Three women-owned small pharmacies…

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Leveraging: Boticas Similares the Micro-Pharmacy Initiative in Rural Mexico

Leverage. Yes, it is a word associated with things that are not particularly well thought of: leveraged-buyouts, over-leveraged, conniving personalities. But in our non-profit world, it is a beautiful word. It is something that we strive to achieve day-in and day-out in advancing our mission to provide critically needed access to healthcare in rural, poverty-stricken…

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TISA Featured in Center for Health Market Innovations’ Highlights Publication

We are delighted that Tiendas de la Salud is featured in the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI)’s latest edition of Highlights.  This is an excellent publication that features 71 programs working in low- and middle-income countries to deliver better, more affordable care to the poor.  Linked Foundation is honored to be featured among such a group…

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Tiendas de la Salud (TISA) Video

For an informative summary of our efforts in Guatemala in conjunction with Mercy Corps and Farmacias de la Comunidad, please view the TISA video above.  To learn more about TISA – Guatemala, click here.

TISA Guatemala – Family Participation

We wanted to share this very short video which illustrates how the whole family becomes vested in the success of TISA in Guatemala.

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